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The Windy City Wardrobe Mantra:

Girls compete. Women Empower.

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Windy City Wardrobe launched in the fall of 2014 as a fashion and lifestyle guide dedicated to helping women discover and embrace their authentic selves. In a world that keeps trying to pit girl against girl, this is a safe space that promotes community over competition.

Founded by Dāsha Guyton, WCW reflects what life looks like when you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. Whether you are looking for tips on dressing for less, flattering your figure, or how to be happy at that job that kinda sucks–WCW is your digital BFF who will cry, laugh and celebrate with you. I want to celebrate who you are wherever you are in this journey we call life!


Who is Dāsha Guyton?

Hey Girl, Hey! Welcome to Windy City Wardrobe. My name is Dāsha. By day, I’m a Social Worker at the largest social service organization in Illinois and by night I’m a Writer, Body Positive Advocate, and Wardrobe Stylist. My sole purpose here is to help you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. So grab your favorite drink, sit back and enjoy this journey of fashion, self-discovery, and sisterhood! And if you’re reading this, never forget I consider you a friend. So please feel free to email me at or you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Frequently asked questions…

Q: Where do you shop? 

A: I have a strong preference for eShakti, ASOS, Simply Be, Target and ModCloth. They each have good quality pieces in the latest trends, minus the sticker shock. I also frequent ELOQUII, Old Navy, Forever 21 and Aldo.

Q: I’m coming to Chicago, what should I do? 

A: If you’re coming in the winter, check out my Local Tourist Guide. If you’re coming in the summer, definitely check out the most Instagrammable Places To Eat In Chicago!

Q: I’m starting a blog. Are there any resources you recommend?
A: Yes! I just wrote posts about this topic – check it out here and here!

Q: Who does your hair and what products do you use? 

A: I haven’t had a hair stylist in years. I cut, color, and style my own hair. Throughout the natural hair transition, I tried an array of products, but my tried and true are Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Conditioner, Ecostyler Gel, Curls Refresher and Curls Goddess Curl Gel.

Q: Who is your photographer and what camera do they use?

A: Me, my wife, and I! Well, it’s my wife most of the time. You can check her out her piece of the blogosphere at The Deep End Review. I typically, use a tripod and the self-timer when I take my own photos. During events, I’ll “encourage” (ask, bribe, plead) a friend to take some photos for me if my better half isn’t available. Photography was my first creative passion so I’ve used a number of cameras. At the moment I’m shooting with the Canon Power Shot Sx60, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Q: Who/What inspires your style?

A: I dress to express my mood so my style tends to run the gamut, but no matter what it’s always colorful. I’m a sucker for unique handbags, skinny jeans, modern versions of vintage dresses, fedoras, and floral prints mixed with stripes. Currently, my wardrobe is dominated by princess cut dresses, tunics, and pixie pants. I’ve most recently become obsessed with velvet and embroidered boots. These days I look to Solange, Sarah Jane AdamsIris Apfel, and Courtney Quinn for fashion inspiration which is why it’s hard to believe there was ever a time that I didn’t identify as femme, but I assure you my style has evolved countless times over the years.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the 80’s and 90’s—a time when men and women alike wore makeup and gender neutral clothes. It wasn’t until this trend faded away that I started to feel encumbered by mainstream gender roles. I remember very vividly my parents redirecting me at stores when I would choose the blue Easter basket over the pink or the hot wheels over the doll. I was persistent and would eventually get my way, but I couldn’t understand why it was a big deal in the first place.

As a teenager, I took up volleyball, softball, and NJROTC. I was constantly changing uniforms, lifting weights and just barely making it from one practice to the next. I traded my ponytails for french braids so I could comfortably wear my helmet. Men’s clothes had become the most durable and practical option, so my mom started buying me one of whatever she bought for my Stepdad. Halfway through High School he sat me down and explained the difference between the appearance expectations for me as girl versus now as a young lady and for years to come, he sent me to the salon biweekly. As my layered hair grew longer I started to prefer skirts over pants.

Until a few years ago my personal style and identity continuously shifted between the spectrum of stud, stem and femme. I finally stopped dressing just to push against the patriarchy or make a spouse or parent happy. Now I dress to make me happy, but I’ll always be grateful for those shifts because they helped me develop a keen eye for styling which led me to start this blog and eventually a styling business.

im coming for everything they said i couldnt have

Random Facts About Me

I call myself a dreamer because even when the odds are stacked against me if I believe I can, I do.  Even though I was born to unmarried teenage minority single parents, I refused to just be another negative statistic. I was high school 👩🏽‍🎓Valedictorian, I graduated as a first generation college student, I’m happily married to the woman of my dreams 💞 and together we left everything and everyone we ever knew in Oklahoma and moved to Chicago—the city voted best in the world for Female Entrepreneurs. SO WHEN I SAY I’M COMING FOR EVERYTHING THEY SAID I COULDN’T HAVE, I MEAN IT.

1. I’m a comic reading, cosplaying, robot building, don’t go anywhere without a book kind of nerd.

2. I’m a survivor of bulimia and a published Body Positive advocate.

3. I’ve been working since I was 15 so I’ve had a ton of jobs. I’ve been a film developer, photo editor, wedding photographer, cashier, concierge, football referee, store manager, certified bra fitter, juvenile detention officer, social services specialist, child support specialist, case manager for the developmentally disabled, content creator, brand ambassador, and a social service coordinator.

4. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, so I’m a true Southern Belle and yes when I cook and bake it’s from scratch.

5. I have a digital and printed quarterly styling column in Modest Truth Mag called Secrets of a Stylist.

What readers are saying:

“I love how you’re constantly sharing ground breaking posts that feed the soul. Please keep it up.”


“Your tips makes me want to reorganize my entire life! ha! So many good tips!”


“I absolutely love this message, and truly believe in the message. It’s so powerful when you have women from all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, etc coming together to say something like this. I really admire this!”


“Yay! I love your posts! Women who support women are awesome!”


What styling clients are saying:

I was always drawn to classic clothes but I couldn’t quite figure out how to put it all together. After a style quiz and a couple of shopping trips with Dāsha, I couldn’t feel more dapper.


“After working with Dasha, I wore a swimsuit for the first time in more than 20 years. It was liberating and I was so freakin’ cute!”


“I had such a great experience during my personal wardrobe style session with Dasha! She offered me so many great tips that I still use when shopping today like taking a picture of yourself in the dressing room so that you aren’t trying things on a second time before making your final decision to buy. Also, for a minimal jewelry wearer like me, she taught me to look for more clothes with their own embellishment so jewelry isn’t always needed to make an outfit pop! If you are looking for a wardrobe refresh or even new ideas for styling your current wardrobe, I would definitely recommend Dasha!”


“She’s a treasure to the Fashion Blogging and Chicago Fashion Community. A beautiful woman who’s personal style and personality is to be treasured. Be prepared to smile every time you see a post or have an opportunity to work with Dasha in person, the world needs more genuinely beautiful people like her.”


“Thanks so much! Love my custom personal style profile. Hope to work more with you soon!”


chicago sculpture

If you’re interested in body positive personal styling services use the book now button for a free consultation.

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Blog Disclosure: This little old blog started as a hobby and has since become a part-time job. That means I’m lucky enough to make money from doing what I love! I partner with brands that I like, then get paid to collaborate with them on projects which I blog about here. I always announce in a blog post when I will be partnering with a brand. I also receive gifted products from time to time that I feature here. I keep my integrity by only posting things I truly love. Which means I turn down the majority of opportunities offered because they aren’t in line with my blog or personal style. I always note in a post if something was received courtesy of a brand. I use affiliate links for products I like, which means I make a small percentage of a linked product if you choose to purchase it. Although I work with brands, I never allow them any control over the written content of posts.  All opinions on this blog are my own. 

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