Did You Know?… eShakti Is The Best Place To Go For Custom Dresses

Growing up I had the pleasure of having my formal dresses made by a friend of the family who happened to be a skilled seamstress and it was a magical feeling to have something specially made for your body and personal style. Once going to a seamstress was no longer an option, I found myself frustrated with ill-fitting and short-lived ready to wear dresses. Then I stumbled upon eShakti and they won me over with their custom options and superior quality. All you have to do is pick a design, plug in your measurements, choose your favorite neckline, select a sleeve style and in a few weeks, you can debut a perfectly fitting piece of clothing.

Picking a design is the hardest part because eShakti has a ton of designs. Right now they have over 1500 dresses online not to mention the pants, tops, and skirts. I’m partial to prints so I filter out the solids and this makes the shopping experience much more manageable.

Over the past four years, I’ve fallen in love with the deep functioning pockets that come standard with each design, dupioni fabrics, geometric prints, and tulip dresses. So when they reached out, I jumped at the chance to grab a new dress in exchange for an honest review and round up of my favorite five eShakti finds.

Click here to shop this tulip dress.

Click here to shop the geometric dupioni two-piece.

Click here to shop the native print sash tie dress.

I’ve shown a lot of love to eShakti over the years. And why not? Clearly, they’re killing the made to measure game from size 0 to 36. But that’s enough about what I think; try it for yourself! New customers get 33% off their first purchase and an additional $15 off using the code DASHAGUYTON. I received one free dress in exchange for my honest opinion. No additional compensation was provided.

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