5 Ways To Wear Faux Leather

Spring weather is a constant guessing game. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the weather decides to take a turn and reminds you who’s boss. So while we’re eager to start wearing the hottest spring fashion trends, we can’t quite pack away our layers and long sleeves just yet.  Our favorite way to survive the seasonal shift is with faux leather because you can wear it now with a turtleneck or moto jacket, then switch to short skirts and cami’s once warmer weather hits. We scoured our archives and found 5 street style approved ways you shake up your routine.


chicago street style dasha guyton

Up first we have a street chic winter look composed of faux leather leggings, snow boots, a bomber jacket paired with a print mix turban headband and women power gold record earrings.


The second look features a faux leather peplum skirt, tufted clutch, strappy block heels, and an Intersectional Feminist tee from my brand, Feminist Speakeasy.


This time I paired faux leather leggings with one of my all-time favorite thrift store button-ups curated for me by Nikki of Style Rehab.


The way this ribbed faux leather skirt paired with my gold record women power earrings, and Simply Be bright red suedette moto jacket and animal print cami left me feeling sassy and empowered!


Last but certainly not least is my casual weekend look brought together with a gifted denim top, faux leather leggings, red Pumas, faux snakeskin beret, memphis design necklace, and a color blocked handbag. I don’t have many classic button ups because it’s almost impossible to find ones that keep the girls in. So I’m really impressed that Simply Be delivered the look of a button up with the security of snap button fastening.

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