Peach Party Presents…Earth: A Self-Care Sunday Event

Queer Femme Events Chicago

What happens when you give a blogger an invitation to an earth-themed self-care Sunday event? Your girl shows up covered in as many banana leaves as possible, giving them earth REALNESS! I’m so lucky I stumbled upon this three-piece gem at Old Navy one day before the event, because it made me feel extremely motivated for the trauma-informed yoga practice with Kate Rice.

20180718_185306This event was jam-packed with LGBTQ poets, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, stylists, bloggers, and dancers that represent the Chicago creative community at its best. Beyond the positive energy, there was an incredible venue and groundbreaking workshops on navigating queerness in the workplace, overcoming unique challenges associated with aging while queer, and spoken word by E. Nina Jay who uses poetry as a tool of survival and to break silences around all forms of violence against gurls and womyn, with particular focus on the intersections of race, sexuality and poverty. All of this was happening on a cool cloudy day with the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Emil Bach House and Japanese Tea House and Gardens as the backdrop; it was breathtaking and serene. Take a peek at the video and photo recap below to see for yourself, but all I have to say is, ain’t no party like a Peach Party party, so you don’t want to miss the next one!


20180722_14570620180722_143631Peach_Earth_ 072418_61Peach_Earth_ 072418_111Peach_Earth_ 072418_126Peach_Earth_ 072418_139Peach_Earth_ 072418_174Peach_Earth_ 072418_192Peach_Earth_ 072418_242Peach_Earth_ 072418_260Peach_Earth_ 072418_265Peach_Earth_ 072418_202Credits

Event Host: Peach Party, Music provided by DJ’s Hannah Kate Viti & Dyamond Maeja Ali-Ward,Food by Tera Murray (of Midwest Methods), Tito’s handmade Cocktail & Mocktail created by the incredible Wicker Park bar, The Violet Hour, Photography: Danyel Duncan,Photography + Creative Direction: Andie Mckenzie Meadows, Video Credit: Manuela Schreiber, Event Design: Chris Tuttle

I left this event feeling centered, refreshed, and ready to take on another week. So if you haven’t considered adding group activities to your self-care Sunday routine, I highly recommend it. FYI…the XXL Old Navy bra, yoga pants, and bomber jacket fit like a glove and my measurements are 47, 42, 47.
Dasha-Guyton-Windy-City-Wardrobe-Blog (1)



Hey Girl, Hey! I’m Dāsha Guyton, an award-winning Lifestyle Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist based in Hyde Park, Chicago. More importantly, I’m a body positive warrior and self-love advocate on a mission to help you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. You can also find my work in Chicago Woman Magazine and Feminist Speakeasy. I already like you, so like me on Facebook @WindyCityWardrobe & let’s be Insta-BFF’s!

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