Did You Hear? A Designer Share Service Just Launched In Chicago


DesignerShare is the first truly peer-to-peer marketplace for women to rent their designer clothing and accessories to one another. We all know keeping up with appearances is tough and costly,  so I was thrilled when they asked me to try the service.  It was really simple: I set up an account, browsed my options, selected a designer bag, and a rental period.  I immediately received a confirmation email and the Vintage Louis Vuitton Saddle Bag was hand delivered to me right on time.

Photo Credit: @deependreview

DesignerShare was started by Sarah Perkins and Bill Meyer, a couple of family friends who came together on a sharing business dream with a fashion twist. Sarah has always loved sharing her clothes and accessories with friends. But she never realized the idea could be a full-blown enterprise until college when she was lending out party dresses to her peers regularly because none of them wanted to wear the same thing over and over again. From this, DesignerShare was born.  Whether you want to borrow a designer dress and accessories or make some cash off items sitting in your closet, DesignerShare can help. They’re working hard each day connecting women so you can look and feel fabulous all while expanding  your network—it’s about building each other up and feeling your most confident.

Photo Credit: @fatimaibrahim27


This Louis Vuitton bag and Dolce & Gabbana dress, and boots are ready to be rented. What are you waiting for?


Hey Girl, Hey! I’m Dāsha Guyton, an award winning Lifestyle Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist based in Hyde Park, Chicago. More importantly, I’m a body positive warrior and self-love advocate on a mission to  help you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. To get to know me and this blog better start here. You can also find my styling advice here on the blog and featured in every issue of Modest Truth Mag. Enough about me, let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

16 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma Lenhart says:

    That bag looks great on you!! Love it.

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  2. How convenient! Thanks for sharing this!

    xo, Courtney

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  3. Brooke says:

    Love that you have a local service like this…great concept!

    Brooke || http://www.kbstyled.com

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  4. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says:

    I love the idea of a share service. I often buy clothes and then don’t wear them. This would be a perfect alternative to wasting my money.

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  5. How fun!!! One of my best friends is spending the summer in Chicago I’m definitely going to have to tell her about this!
    Taylor | http://www.styleiseverythingblog.com

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  6. This is awesome! I wish they had something like this in Iowa.

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

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  7. This is amazing. I love services like these. It makes us shopaholics feel a little bit better about getting new stuff, especially when it’s high quality and high end. 🙂

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  8. This is so neat! I’ve never tried a share service, but having one locally is so awesome!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

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    1. Dāsha says:

      Hey Molly! LMK how it goes if you decide to give DesignerShare a try.


  9. What a great idea, wish we had this in Dallas!

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  10. Steph says:

    Oh wow that is so cool! What a neat idea.

    @trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

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  11. That’s such a cool idea! Those boots OMG they are hollerin my name. Can’t wait to see what else you out together!

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  12. This is such a great idea and what a perfect first choice to try out! 💖

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  13. Oh this was a very neat idea. She did great with her business. I would definitely use this service for bags and other traveling gear!

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  14. Dāsha says:

    Awe 🤗 thank you hunny, that means a lot coming from you!


  15. Love clothing & accessory rental services! So much better on the pocketbook & the earth. You have such great taste, Dasha!

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