11 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Are you sick of seeing hashtags like #skinnyisperfect and #fitspiration on your Instagram feed while you struggle to keep your New Year “new you” self-love resolutions? Then it’s time for an Instagram makeover! Here’s eleven body positive Instagram accounts you should follow in order to jump-start your self-confidence and remember that no matter your size, shape or skin tone, we’ve all got the goods because #allbodiesaregoodbodies.

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Body Posi Panda is run by a recovered anorexic named Megan and she’s on a mission to make you all realize how amazing your bodies are! If you want to shatter the ‘not good enough’ mentality we’ve all been taught about our bodies then she’s your girl.


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Allison is global self love advocate, model and coach based in Florida. She regularly shares vulnerable stories about her journey to self acceptance. She wrote in this post above, “Bopping around town in a romper with my legs out today. It’s so liberating. It used to be so effing scary. Watching everyone’s face to see if they looked down at my thighs. Sometimes they did and then I would worry that they disapproved or were thinking why the hell is she showing her body. But the more times I did it, the less and less value I put on others opinions…until I didn’t care at all.”

@Jessamyn Stanley

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Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positivity advocate based in North Carolina. Her feed is a treasure trove of elegant fitness inspiration that’s free from guilt trips, and peppered with her no-bullshit political takes. She wrote in one recent post, “Frankly, I just want to live in a world where plus sized women are not afraid of their own bodies. That’s it.”


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Jamie is a Pittsburgh based body positive style blogger. Jamie She reminds us that although fashion trends come and go our body shapes never go out of style. She recently said, ” Too often we are treated that we are too much. Too large. Too small. Too loud. Too shy. Too flamboyant. Too modest. Too everything. Many of us start to believe we are too much and not enough at the same time. I created Fashion is Magic because I truly believe in the trans-formative power of fashion. I am a body-positive curvy femme who loves to travel and dress-up. I do this for the ladies, femmes and anyone else that can relate.”



Gabriele Pennacchioli is a Director, Animator, Designer and Anatomy consultant at Blur Studio and formerly worked for Dreamworks! He illustrates women in a way that deeply resonates with me. When I look at them I see cartoons who have grown up which until recently they’ve never been allowed to do. Before I saw his work I had no idea how much the lack of plus size art effected me.


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Hey girl, hey! I’m Dāsha a Chicago based Wardrobe Stylist and founder of this blog, Windy City Wardrobe. As most people were going into the New Year “new you” weight loss craze I posted the image above with this caption. “I’m 5’6, I weigh 250lbs, and in the past 12 months I only caught a cold once. My doctor did a full physical and gave me a clean bill of health. I just wanted you all to know healthy comes in many shapes and sizes.”


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Body diversity can be hard to come by which makes this Instagram account even more refreshing. They feature an array of body types, skin tones,  and genders.

@LVernon2000plus size Muslim fashion body positive

Leah Vernon is a Detroit based blogger, model, and published author. She is an open book and shares everything from religion to insecurities to her very messy recent divorce. She recently said, “There’s a common misconception that because I’m big/fat/voluptuous/curvy that I have low self-esteem. That I hold my head down when I enter the room. That I don’t wear form-fitting clothes. That I’ll be so grateful to get a date because men don’t fall at my feet like they would a ‘smaller’ woman. Hunny. Lemme tell you… These common misconceptions couldn’t be more wrong. I serve face. I have my pick of the litter. If I want it then I’ll get it. I don’t need validation from men to feel worthy, feel beautiful. Esteem has been at an all time high once I figured out some internal shit. I found out that it’s all me. Not the media. Not the cover of a magazine that dictates my beauty or worth. So there, take that to the bank and cash it.”

@Joanna Thangiahbody positive Instagram

Joanna Thangiah is an artist who has dedicated her craft to creating pieces that focus on mental health and feminism. Her portrayals of women are both honest and progressive. If you need visual reminders to stay true to yourself shop her feed here.

@Style Has No Sizebnxj1ykjc5k

Style Has No Size, run by stylist Edith Dohmen, celebrates  size diversity, and focuses on fashion and clothing that is all-inclusive. She’s refreshing to watch because as we all know, fashion and inclusive usually don’t end up in the same sentence together.

@Ericka Hart

body positive Instagram Ericka Hart

In 2014, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Ericka Hart had a double mastectomy, followed by reconstructive surgery. When her surgeon informed her that there were no reference images for reconstruction scars on black women, she decided that she wasn’t going to be invisible. She attended Afropunk topless in 2016, and has since amassed a huge following on Instagram, where she emphasizes: “I am here to take up space. Eff respectability politics. Eff patriarchy. Eff censorship on Femme bodies.”

I hope you leave here feeling inspired to embrace your bodies, whatever their shape. If you’re a fan of any other body positive Instagram account, let’s chat about it in the comments below. Click here to see more body positive posts.

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Hey Girl, Hey! I’m Dāsha Guyton, an award winning Lifestyle Blogger and Wardrobe Stylist based in Hyde Park, Chicago. More importantly, I’m a body positive warrior and self-love advocate on a mission to  help you curate experiences and a wardrobe you love. To get to know me and this blog better start here. You can also find my styling advice here on the blog and featured in every issue of Modest Truth Mag. Enough about me, let’s connect on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Omg, I loved this! I really needed to see this today. Thank you 🙂

    1. Dāsha says:

      We all have days when we really need this. So glad it helped you thru a moment🤗

  2. This was great! It is such an important message. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes! I absolutely adore this! I am writing a blog post about how how concept of flaws is a lie told to us by society.

    1. Dāsha says:

      Sounds like a great read! Stop by and leave me a link when it’s done. I’ve been tackling these same issues via Instagram. Check it out here https://www.instagram.com/p/BRKTry3l_6E/

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    Dope accounts! thanks for sharing!

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      Thank you for stopping by,enjoy🤗

  5. Katie says:

    You had me at the first sentence! I’m over seeing #skinnyisbeautiful because everyone is beautiful.

    1. Dāsha says:

      If we’re going to be bombarded by ads and media telling us we all need to be the same we have to fight back. ✊

  6. This post is so inspiring. We all need a bit more positivity in this world and you are most definitely playing your part 💛

    1. Dāsha says:

      YAS GIRL!!! We all need inspiration; it takes a ton of positivity to undo one negative comment so we have to start somewhere.

  7. Jazz says:

    This is amazing!!! I just posted about body image the other day. I am definitely going to share the link to your awesome round up!

    1. Dāsha says:

      So glad to hear more people are joining this conversation; we have to keep the movement alive. Thanks for stopping by 🤗

  8. Amanda Kruse says:

    Such a great post! I had no idea there were so many of these accounts!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  9. dlevinemoore says:

    These are all bomb! I actually already followed some and am totally following Jessamyn now. My journey this year is yoga based and her account might be the most inspiring one I’ve seen in a LONG time as far as body positivity and yoga combined is concerned. Thanks for sharing these!


  10. This is such a great post!! Thank you for sharing these awesome body positive accounts!!

  11. elle spann says:

    this is awesome!! thanks for sharing- all in all women need to know they are beautiful as they are!! this is going to sounds like #totalwhitegirlmove BUT Jessica Simpson did a mini series on beauty and what it looks like in different cultures, especially when they try to look to what they think is “ideal” – it was very moving and makes you think.
    Southern Elle Style

    1. Dāsha says:

      Hi Elle 🤗 Thanks for sharing that; I love documentaries!

  12. I love this! Being body positive is so important to me!

  13. Now these are my kinda people. Off to follow each of them.

  14. ohnikkashae says:

    Now I have some lovely ladies to follow! Thanks for posting!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, happy scrolling!

  15. Love this post! I love following body positive IG accounts 😊

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      Thanks LaToya 😙

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