So This Is 30


On your thirtieth birthday, you suddenly become an old, boring person, right? WRONG. Your twenties come with a lot of self-doubt and anxiety around life’s big questions: What are you going to do with your career? Who are you going to end up with? Where are you going to live? That’s why I’ve always looked forward to closing the door on my twenties and embarking on a chapter where I just know myself better and can be more comfortable in my skin. My twenties were great, but they were SO FREAKIN HARD. I’m already having more fun in this decade than in the past one.20160730_144910

The months leading up to this moment in Toronto, I started to notice some changes in myself. So I compiled a list of 30 Things That Start To Happen When You Turn 30.

1. You care less about what people think. If people say mean things about you, you can’t find the energy to care.

2. Your Facebook feed is full of babies 24/7. I’m not complaining; I love babies!

3. You love yourself a little more. Instead of constantly trying to change yourself, you come to grips that you actually like yourself and you definitely don’t need to fit someone else’s mold.

4. You’re offended if you don’t get carded.

5. You’ve learned to communicate a little better. This one definitely comes by trial and error. You’ve had conversations blow up or relationships go sour, but hey you’re learning.

6. You more apt to travel solo. Traveling with friends is awesome, but traveling solo is empowering and inspiring. Give it a shot. It’s not as scary as you might think!

7. You spend more time with people you care about. You begin to realize how much relationships matter. You keep certain people close and make these relationships a priority.

8. You wake up before 8am, without an alarm, and even on the weekend.

9. You learn to say ‘No’ and like it. Before you said ‘Yes’ to everything. Now you’re more selective with your time and you’re better off for it.

10. You prefer a good night’s sleep over a late night at the bar. There’s nothing better than a full 8 hours of sleep.

11. You’d rather pay a little more for a “nice, clean” hotel room than cram into a motel with 12 of your friends.

12. You notice a few gray hairs, but you ignore them…until they get worse. Then you pluck a few, but they multiply just like the old wives tale. Damn it!

13. You lotion everything. It’s inevitable. The wrinkles are coming! You put lotion on your eyes, face, neck – everything. And you drink lots of water. Can’t get enough moisture!

14. FOMO is a thing of your past. If you wake up and scroll through Instagram and see that all your friends were doing fun, hip things while you were sleeping, you care about as much as you would if Ariana Grande released a new video.

15. Your job is no longer something you’re doing while your figure out what you want to be. And you’re deciding whether your hobby could now become a second job, or a freelance venture.

16. Everything cool is being marketed to people younger than you now.

17. You’ve definitely lost the enzyme that lets you digest Taco Bell.

18. People will assume you have your shit together… unless you prove to them otherwise.

19. You know that if it’s past 8 p.m. and you’re not already out, you’re NOT going out.

20. You realize you don’t know everything. When you were 20 you felt like you knew everything. When you’re 30 you’ve learned a few things, but you know for sure you don’t know it all.

21. You realize your parents were your age (or younger!) when they had you, and you start cutting them some major slack.

22. You learn it’s ok to pivot and change. Not happy in your career? No time like the present to pivot and change course! You’re not stuck where you are.

23. Activities like apple picking and wine tasting will be your new wild weekend plans.

24. You’re more comfortable in your own skin. You may not be perfect, but you’re ok with that. Might as well spend the rest of your life being comfortable in your own skin rather than hating it. You only get one body!

25. Your back hurts like all the time. What adults said this whole time is true?! NOT COOL.

26. You discover yoga helps your back and reminds you how inflexible you are. But seriously, there’s too many awesome benefits. It’s centering, empowering, and healing to your body. Yoga is your new best friend in your 30’s.

27. You’re truly horrified by the length of time you’ve been paying your student loans vs. how much of a dent you’ve made in your principal.

28. Comfortable shoes seem more and more attractive.

29. You refuse to buy tickets to a concert unless they have seats.

30. Your favorite pants come without actual waistbands.

Turns out, despite a few changes and minor annoyances, being 30 is AWESOME. There’s really nothing to fear. It just keeps getting better!Top-Lifestyle-Blog-Chicago

What are your fears about turning 30? Or if you already are, is there anything else you’d add to the list? 


9 Comments Add yours

  1. tatitauriel says:

    Awesome post and happy birthday! You look great. I hope the 30s treat you well ❤

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  2. Right attitude and great thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. elle spann says:

    you’re so cute!! that taco thing looks AMAZING! I need to get better about saying no.
    Southern Elle Style

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  4. Rosie says:

    I couldn’t relate more with the FOMO thing. . . I was jsut telling my fiance how I use to get serious FOMO if there was something happening and I wasnt there. . . over the years TOTALLY DO NOT EVEN WANT TO BE THERE hahaha

    Life is just Rosie

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    1. Dāsha says:

      IKR 🤗 Now it’s more like…how can I dodge these invites without it being obvious that I just don’t want to go?


  5. dannie54 says:

    this is amazing. Some of those things definitely already apply to me and I’m 100% okay with it. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday and celebrated the right way. With a vacation and some ice cream! Cheers to this shiny new decade!


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  6. handbaggirl79 says:

    Great post! It’s all so true 😀

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