Wonder Woman: Molly Tullis


I like a woman who knows what she wants and passionately goes after it. Enter Wonder Woman of the week, Molly Tullis, the brilliant blogger behind Haute Tempered and co-author of Blogger in Chief: How To Get Paid to Live Your LifeI’m reading it right now and would love to chat about it, so pick up your digital copy on Amazon. Congrats, Molly and thank you for continuing to inspire us with your bad-assery!wonder woman



WCW: What are you most proud of?
MT: My blog and the new book are my proudest accomplishments to date!
WCW: What inspired you to start a blog and co-author a book?
MT: I was really hesitant to start a blog in the beginning, just because I didn’t want to be a stereotypical blogger. I started my website just as a professional portfolio – but when I couldn’t stop posting, I knew I was onto something. Writing a book was a different story. Mischaela and I thought of the idea over a pair of chocolate martinis as a way to expand both of portfolios and do something together – who knew we actually would do it!
WCW: What’s your educational and professional background?
MT: I recently graduated from Loyola University with a degree in Public Relations. I also attended Parsons New School in New York and Central Saint Martins in London for fashion and marketing certifications. I’ve done fashion PR work in London, Chicago, and New York, with brands like Versace, Acne, Salvatore Ferragamo, and more.
WCW: We’re all glued to something! What can’t you live without?
MT: Agh – is it lame to say I can’t live without my phone? Everyone says that. Besides that, I never leave without a pair of sunglasses and a lipstick in my bag. My favorite lipstick is Dior le Rouge 999.
WCW: When do you feel most beautiful?
MT: I feel most beautiful with a full face of makeup – I’m comfortable without it, but I think it’s fun and relaxing applying makeup. It’s a passion of mine, so when I’ve nailed a new beauty trend, I feel great.
WCW: What’s your favorite place to shop online & in store?
MT: My favorite place to shop online is probably Jawbreaking. In-store, I’m a beauty-holic, so I’ve got to get my MAC and Sephora reward points!
WCW: What’s your favorite thing to spend money on?
MT: MAKEUP. Seriously, I have a ridiculous stash of beauty products. I could be a freelance makeup artist at this point, honestly.
WCW: Describe your best practices for organization and balance.
MT: I’m a fan of all things digital plus color coding for organization. I use Google Drive to its full capacity. I have an editorial plan at all times, sponsored posts trackers, and Google Calendar and iCal integration.
WCW:  What are you favorite apps?
My favorite apps are the usual: Snapchat and Instagram. But I also love MyPics, an app that is a photo album that mimics your Instagram profile so you can plan the pictures you post.
WCW: What is your favorite fashion trend right now?
MT: I am LOVING 90s minimalism. Black, white, and grey color palettes. Monochrome dressing, simple accessories. That’s my style all the time, so now that it’s especially trending, I’m a happy camper.BGdBJLOjUlC
WCW: Tell us about your favorite vacation or adventure.
MT: My favorite adventure was when I lived in London for a summer, working in a fashion PR showroom. I have plenty of stories including running bags to Vogue shoots, tracking down missing Versace coats, and hosting an ‘America’ themed party for my British coworkers.
WCW: What’s your favorite book?
MT: House of the Spirits, by Isabel Allende or Champagne Supernovas by Maureen Callahan.
WCW: What’s your favorite show?
MT: Game of Thrones!
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  1. Such a fun idea to interview another blogger, I feel like I know her well! Go wonder women!!

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  2. Loved reading about her! She sounds like a serious girl boss. Thanks for introducing us!

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  3. I love women supporting women! Such a fun interview 🙂 I also LOVE make up and feel I have to have a form of lipstick, gloss, or chapstick in my purse at all times! xxx

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  4. Okay I def am going to need to read this book: because let’s be honest- the service industry is NOT cutting it! Thanks for this awesome post, Dasha! & CONGRATS MOLLY! xo

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  5. stylesbysab says:

    Great post!! I follow her on insta but it was great to learn more! Thanks for sharing

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  6. Love her interview and her style!

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    1. Dāsha says:

      YAS GIRL!!! me too, Molly is so chic.


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