Windy City Street Style: Thomas Trust


Dear Instagram,

Thank you for introducing me to Thomas, the fierce fashion blogger behind Rust & Trust! He loves change, thrives off new experiences, and somehow he translates this adventurous mindset through style. If you’re not following him on Instagram, you are missing out!6BEy3Sw3u8

WCW: Do you have any tips for style when relying on transit?

Thomas: Chicago being a fast-paced city with a great transit system, it’s important to bring items that are versatile. Find your staple pieces and rely on those. A denim jacket, a bag to hold all your bits and bobs and of course a pair of sunnies.

WCW: What’s your favorite accessory?

Thomas: My favorite accessory has to be my Ray Ban Clubmaster’s. They are brown with a gold frame and go with everything, they are very flattering to my face shape and complement every outfit.1jBcCXw3oK

WCW: If I peeked in your closet, what brands or designs would I see repeat?

Thomas: You would definitely see a lot of denim. I like mixing different denim and textures and distressing. I’m not afraid to rock a denim on denim combination.

WCW: Are you from Chicago originally? If not, how has moving here influenced your current style?

Thomas: I grew up in Michigan. Moving to Chicago has definitely influenced my style. In the city, I feel like a lot more goes as far as pushing the style boundaries, so I’ve been more apt to try new trends and brands with confidence.BDYUWYVQ3vAWCW: Name your favorite place to shop online and in store.

Thomas: My favorite in-store shopping would probably be Topman or Zara, I’ve recently been getting into Forever 21 Men as well, I feel like it’s a hidden gem to find cool trend pieces. As far as online, definitely ASOS.

WCW: What’s in your bag?

Thomas: What’s in my bag…What’s not in my bag? That would probably be a better question. No, but I mostly have my wallet, a lint roller, mints for sure, a travel fragrance, an umbrella, my keys and always a notebook to jot down ideas for posts or outfits.297Cgrw3hW

WCW: Do you modify your style for work or school?

Thomas: As far as modifying my style, I don’t necessarily unless it’s for a specific event. If it’s more of a nighttime or formal event than I will definitely dress it up or approach my outfit with a more “gentlemanly” approach.

WCW: What your favorite and/or least favorite fashion trend right now?

Thomas: My favorite trend would probably be the bandana trend. I am loving the bandana trend for accessories and it’s perfect for festival season. I love it in almost every way it’s worn. My least favorite? Slouchy pants. I feel like men’s “culotte” pants are having a moment and I’m not about it. I like to keep my pants slim fitting.BFb3BJ-Q3np

WCW: Who’s your style icon?

Thomas: My style icon would be…probably Zayn. I feel like his style is effortless and cool. But I also love Adam Gallagher from @iamgalla, he has such a fresh take on a gentleman’s style.

WCW:  How would you describe your personal style?

Thomas: My personal style is a little all over the place sometimes, but if I had to narrow it down I would say it’s New Age Americana. I love denim as mentioned, but I like well constructed and tailored pieces mixed with distressed and casual pieces. A little bit of both worlds is perfect for me.BEZLaBgQ3vJ

What are your favorite street style trends right now?Dasha-Guyton

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      I love putting together these street style interviews,glad you enjoyed it. Check out the previous features for more inspiration.

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      1. I just started my blog where I am going to post daily about men’s lifestyle and style tips so I will love it if you can give me a follow and some support 😊 and please check me on Instagram @theyounggentlemanxo 💕

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