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Happy Friday Eve Everyone!

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I can’t thank you all enough for following and spreading kindness, so as a small token of my appreciation I am giving back love and support with a giveaway! I believe we have to surround ourselves with great things to do great things. So every item included is intended to keep you inspired, caffeinated, and organized. JPEG_20160218_130653_1953369084

To enter, leave a comment below and share this post on one social media site of your choice. To increase your odds of winning, share this on additional sites. The giveaway closes at midnight on February 25th and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 26th.

One randomly chosen person will receive the following:

  • mug
  • mini journal for big ideas
  • set of gift tags
  • wood grain clipboard w/a monthly calendar
  • two containers of paper clips
  • set of push pins
  • lined note pad
  • three ring binder w/planner pages
  • set of pencils
  • flatlay straws
  • set of dividers.

JPEG_20160218_131446_854793980As always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

With LOVE,


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72 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    I could use all of this! Just think about how organized I will be make me smile.
    XO, Jessica The Petie Diaries

    1. Dāsha says:

      Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner and if not you got a great reminder to get organized😉

  2. I've listened Falcon says:

    I love your blog!!!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Aww 😄Thanks Ive😚

  3. Kaitlin says:

    Girl, you really do have great taste.

    1. Dāsha says:

      Hey Kaitlin, thanks girl😉

  4. maddyosman says:

    What a great giveaway! Sharing now 🙂

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks Maddy,you’re the best 😉

    1. Dāsha says:

      You’re welcome Julie!

  5. Brittany says:

    This is all so cute! I love it! I’ve also shared on pinterest.

    1. Dāsha says:

      Hey Brittany,thanks for sharing!

  6. LOVE this! Cheers to all #GirlBosses out there! Thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

    1. Dāsha says:

      Pop Fizz Clink 🍸 Cheers to you too!

  7. Alicia says:

    So many lovely items! Thanks for the chance to win! (Shared on Twitter as well under @TasteConcierge)

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks Alicia! Good luck😉

  8. Emily Smith says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Good luck Emily!

  9. Nice post.
    Follow for more fashion updates .

    1. Dāsha says:

      Good luck Donna! Thanks for entering.

  10. mistyfuji says:

    Coffee & stationary are two of my most favorite things! How could anyone go wrong with these?! I shared on Twitter here…. as I decided earlier today to deactivate my Facebook for awhile. Found your blog today & follow. Thanks!

    1. Dāsha says:

      I’m glad you like what you found. Thanks for sharing and following Lisa😃

  11. Allie Barke says:

    Great giveaway! I shared on Facebook!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks Allie,and good luck!

    2. Dāsha says:


  12. I’m obsessed with stationary- what a great giveaway!
    Keep up with the blogging! I love catching up every week! xx

  13. Lady Dickson says:

    Amazing, I love everything in this giveaway!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Glad to hear it, thanks for coming by Ms. Lady 😉

  14. onlybadchi says:

    Reblogged this on only bad chi and commented:
    Thanks to Cheyanne at Tangerine Wallpaper ( for alerting me to this awesome blogger! I’m drooling over these pictures–too cute!!

  15. onlybadchi says:

    Just found you through Cheyanne at Tangerine Wallpaper–loving your site!!

  16. Loving that I just recently found your site! Your Wonder Woman posts are so great, and I’m super excited for this giveaway! Thank you. 🙂 <3

    1. Dāsha says:

      😄 Yay, I’m so glad you found me! Don’t forget to share for extra entries.

  17. makeupateers says:

    what a cute giveaway!! What did you end up getting from Sorel?

    1. Dāsha says:

      Hey friend! How you been? I got taupe glacy from sorel and red glacy explorer from amazon. Thanks again!

      1. makeupateers says:

        You’re so very welcome!! Anytime you need a code lmk!

      2. Dāsha says:

        Ok,I will. You’re the best😉

  18. Diana Powell says:

    Shared on twitter @dianapowell5

  19. Diana Powell says:

    Beautiful blog and Gorgeous artwork !!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thank you so much Diana, enjoy your visit!

  20. Beautiful photos and yummy colors! Sharing on Twitter, Whoop, happy Friday Dasha

    1. Dāsha says:

      Hey Mary Beth, thanks for sharing, and happy Friday!

  21. dannie54 says:

    I love the giveaway! And I love your blog. You’re one of those people I’m always beyond happy to follow. Your posts are super engaging, YOU are super engaging, and you’re generally just a great person. Stay awesome, Dasha.


    1. Dāsha says:

      You just made my day Dannie😄 Sometimes I wonder if my blog is heading in the right direction for my readers so your feedback is soooo crucial.

      1. dannie54 says:

        Happy to provide! I love all of your content 😄

  22. Thank you for the chance first of all. I am sooooo loving your pictures here…thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Dāsha says:

      You’re welcome, and good luck 😉

  23. Inspire Book says:

    OMG I Love it!!

  24. Maemi says:

    Such a cool giveaway, Dasha! Loving the theme 🙂

  25. Faye says:

    love it, i’m a true girl Friday 24/7 sharing to several pages.thanks for the oppotunity

  26. Faye says:

    Love love love the stationary, I’m a true Girl Friday 24/7,need this in my life

    1. Dāsha says:

      IKR, stationary is so fun yet practical!

  27. Oh wow such a beautiful giveaway I shall follow you and promote this on IG as blogging and IG are my social networks.. 😍

  28. Cheyanne says:

    Too cute! 🙂

    1. Dāsha says:

      Glad you like it 😉

  29. Cheyanne says:

    Reblogged this on Tangerine Wallpaper and commented:
    While we’re on the subject of stationery and office supplies…Check out Dasha’s super awesome blog and super cute stationery giveaway. 🙂

    1. Dāsha says:

      Awww😄 Thanks for sharing Cheyanne! Good luck to you and your followers.

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks Girl and good luck of course!

  30. What an awesome giveaway! I love stationary!

    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks for entering! Good luck Jennifer 😉👍

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