Chicago Street Style

We can thank the Windy City Blogger Collective for introducing us to the thrifty style blogger, Paige Mariah. If you’re a fashionista on budget, look no further!paige mariah_8498

WCW: How would you describe your personal style?

PM: Thrifty chic. I love incorporating old with new. I’m very inspired by 90s fashion and the thrift store is definitely the best place to find what I’m looking for!

WCW: What’s in your purse?

PM: What’s not in my purse?! A few things that you’ll always find in there are my wallet, an iPhone charger, Icebreaker mints, chapstick/lipstick, a mini umbrella, extra contact lenses and my car keys!paigemariah-street-style

WCW: Do you have any tips for style when relying on transit?

PM: Always keep a pair of comfortable shoes in your bag! I also find it easier to maneuver around a crowded train or bus when I carry a smaller purse.

WCW: Do you dress differently for work?

PM: Luckily, my job has a pretty relaxed dress code. However, I definitely enjoy dressing more casually on the weekends. I love just throwing on an oversized shirt, leggings and my Doc Marten boots!


WCW: What’s your favorite accessory?

PM: I love big statement necklaces! You can totally dress up a casual outfit, like a plain white v-neck and jeans, by simply completing the look with an awesome statement necklace.

WCW: Name your favorite place to shop online and in store.

PM: ASOS, New Look, Urban Outfitters (surplus store), H&M, and Forever 21blackwhitestripes paige mariah_0077

WCW: If I peeked in your closet, what brands or designs would I see repeat?

PM: I’m honestly not too big on brands when it comes to clothing. Shopping at thrift stores has really made me focus more on the look of the piece rather than the brand name on the clothing tag. However, when it comes to shoes…you’ll definitely see quite a few pair of Jeffrey Campbells in my closet.

WCW: Any tips for surviving Chicago winters while remaining stylish?

PM: Living in a cold city gives you even more reason to invest in awesome coats that stand out! One of my favorites is definitely a bright blue coat that I picked up at Forever 21 last year. Since you’ll have to be super bundled up every time you step outside, you might as well step out in style!paige mariah hotlinebling_6624

If you haven’t lately, visit Paige Mariah’s thrifty lifestyle blog.

windycitywardrobelogoAs always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

With LOVE,


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