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It’s no secret that I love to shop, but it wasn’t always this way. During my senior year at University I packed on a few pounds, and the struggle to dress myself began. At the time, I wore a uniform to work so that enabled me avoid the issue, but all too soon I was faced with job interviews and business dress codes so I had no choice. It wasn’t a very pleasant experience to say the least, but now you all don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Check out my top 10 places to shop and let me know if I’m missing out on a place you love.


10|TorridTorrid Logo

I’m a big fan of Torrid’s in store experience! The staff is extremely knowledgeable, the dressing rooms are tailored to fit the clienteles needs comfortably, and they often offer coupons. Y’all know I love a good sale so they get extra points on that one! Torrid is my go to spot when I’m looking for something specific and can’t find it anywhere.


It’s been years since I’ve stepped foot in a Maurice’s due to my current location, but I truly enjoy the online experience especially since they added the paypal option during checkout. I often pay Maurice’s a virtual visit when I’m looking for classic pieces like a denim jackets, button ups, and cardigans. They’re also a good place to go when in need of wide calf boots and wide width shoes.


8|City ChicCity Chic LOGO + TAGLINE_Black

I look to City Chic when I’m on the hunt for statement pieces like bold jackets, prints, and lingerie and they haven’t let me down yet. They can be a little pricey so keep your eyes open for a sale, but from experience I can assure you that their intimates are worth the investment.


7|Old Navyold navy logo

When it comes to work wear basics, Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. Their prices are definitely manageable on a modest budget, and the pieces are easily dressed up or down. I always buy pixie pants at Old Navy and look forward to the new prints rolled out each season. They’re perfect for pattern mixing if that’s your cup of tea.


There is no store quite like Modcloth. They offer an outstanding vintage inspired collection for straight size and plus size women! Instead of finding a vintage piece here or there, I prefer to shop at ModCloth where I can get a complete outfit and accessories. It’s also a great place for outerwear, and business casual blouses. The only thing I dislike about ModCloth is their price point, but I’m a patient person and things eventually go on sale here.


5|Simply Besimply be logo

Simply Be has quickly become one of my favorite places to buy suits, outerwear, and trendy statement pieces like cape blazers. On the downside they are not for the cost conscious fashionista so I’m always a bit born as I make my way to checkout. What they lack in sales they make up for in quality, and presentation. My clothes are sent fully tracked from the U.K., and they arrive plastic wrapped, and wrinkle free on a wide sturdy hanger.



My all-time favorite department store when it comes to plus-size fashion is Macy’s. I especially like their Style & Co. collection and Seven7 by Melissa McCarthy. Although their prices can be a tad bit high, their online weekend sales are AMAZING! The best part is you can enjoy the exclusive online prices and schedule a pick up at the nearest location.

3|Forever 21+forever 21

We all know Forever 21 is one of the most popular stores around, and their plus size line, Forever 21+, is to die for.  If fast fashion and a “normal” shopping experience is what you seek, look no further! Here you won’t be banished to look for your size in a dark dingy part of the store. The Forever 21+ section is just as affordable and trendy as every other section. On the downside, the quality of fabric is hit or miss, so I prefer to shop in store to find pieces that will be long-lasting.


eShakti is the place for people who enjoy a tailored look at fit. Every week they debut new designs, and patterns which can be customized by measurements, neckline, arm length and pockets. They offer great coupons to first time shoppers and have deep discounts that all customers can benefit from regularly. Their pieces always successfully make the fully tracked journey from India to my door step in Chicago. It’s rare for an issue arise but, if it does you can rest assured knowing that the customer service team will be dedicated to a quick and pleasant resolve.



1|Asos CurveASOS-logo

ASOS is by far my all time favorite place to shop for myself and clients. They have the biggest collection I’ve ever seen, so there is literally something there for every one. It’s the one place that no matter height, weight, body shape or gender you can get dressed from head to toe. They take it a step further and offer EXTREMELY quick shipping, and returns are always free. The icing on the cake is the way the items are showcased in still photos as well as videos. This makes it so much easier to prevent a cycle of buying and returning because you get a good look at the pieces from multiple angles before purchasing.

In terms of pricing, ASOS can be steep and cheap depending on your shopping habits. If you’re the kind of shopper that wants items as soon as they become available this it’ll cost you, but if you’re patient the sales are awesome. Asos also offers a 10% off student discount and for as little as $29.00 per year you can become an Asos Premier account holder which grants you first access to sales and unlimited 2 day international shipping.

Q. Do you love or hate the stores mentioned above? Am I missing a good brand?




As always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

With LOVE,



P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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