Chicago Street Style

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Thank you for introducing me to Justin, the seemingly effortlessly styled blogger behind Millennial Mentality. He recently became a Chicagoan by way of Florida, but it didn’t take him long to adapt. Check out his latest street style adventures and tips below.

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All Images Were Provided By Millennial Mentality

WCW: How would you describe your personal style?

MM: My style is a melting pot of different influences. Some items are more punk, others are more dapper. I create my outfit based on how I’m feeling the night before.

WCW:What’s your favorite accessory?

MM: My favorite accessory this winter is definitely my Mickey Mouse beanie that I scooped up from Urban for $10. It keeps my head warm and reminds me of home.

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WCW:If I peeked in your closet, what brands or designs would I see repeat?
MM: This is hard. My closet is made up of sale, thrift, and very few “expensive” pieces. A brand I’ve been wearing a lot recently is Forever21 Men; they’ve stepped up their game this season.

WCW: Do you have any tips for style when relying on transit?
MM: Definitely be prepared. Since it’s winter and the train likes to play games I always have my gloves, hat, and scarf on. On my morning commute I am always standing and I leave everything on. You have to be able to jump on & off the train-you don’t have time to fight with your coat and gloves.


WCW:Has moving to Chicago influenced any style changes?

MM: I’m from Florida; we don’t experience winter. I had to buy all my winter gear when I moved up here in September. Chicago has taught me (especially in the winter) style has to be functional & fashionable.

WCW: Do you modify your style for work or school?

MM: My style is consistent throughout all aspects of my life. I work at an agency that cultivates & encourages creativity which is amazing. I could show up to work tomorrow with teal hair if I really wanted to.

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All Images Were Provided By Millennial Mentality

WCW: Name your favorite place to shop online and in store.

MM: My favorite place to shop in store is Urban. They have a little bit of everything: apartment, body care, style, music, and books. Shopping online is a challenge for me because I’m a tall guy and a lot of things run short.

WCW: What’s in your bag?

MM: In my Northface I have EOS lip balm (don’t get chapped peeps), my passion planner, journal, iPhone, USB cord, gum, stick cologne, and my earbuds.

WCW: What are your favorite fashion trends for winter & spring?

MM: Being a Florida native, winter fashion is completely new to me. I like infinity scarves, fur lined hoods, and unique tube socks. My spring wardrobe will be very minimal-black, white, and lots of lines.

WCW: Who’s your fashion icon?

MM: I have a lot of fashion icons. Kanye West and Zayn Malik have amazing style. A couple of my favorite menswear fashion bloggers are Cup of Couple and Kate loves Me.


Make sure you stop by Millennial Mentality and tell Justin I said hello.


As always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

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