Fashion Illustration

5095_220115_protrait_drinkchic_bg_mamzellepoppy_raMamzelle Poppy illustrations by Madeleine Ba-Charruaud

There was a time when sketches and paintings ruled the fashion industy, but in the 70’s color photography took the reigns. Now, thanks to filters and apps, anyone can take a picture, but it remains true that not just anyone can draw. mamzellepoppy-2

Perhaps that is why it’s so refreshing to stumble across alluring illustrations. Somehow, Madeleine manages to shine a light on mundane moments while simultaneously capturing the fashion and elegance they exude.


Technology may have killed the fashion illustration industry, but it also revived it. Emerging artists are going viral on social media and landing cover features.

Be inspired by one of the best instagram feeds and shop the designs here. Want to know more about the artist? Read this interview.5137_140618_horscope_version_femina_balance_mamzelle_poppy_ra

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