Chicago Street Style

This past year of blogging has introduced me to so many talented people, and today I want to introduce you to Lindsey Tom. She’s one of the beautiful souls I met along the way at the 2015 Simply Stylist Chicago event. Lindsey has a passion for design, baking and DIY projects which she features in her blog, Butter & Type. But today she’s taking a break from the usual to showcase her Chicago street style.lindsey-tom-butter-and-type-style-8WCW: How would you describe your personal style?

LT:Casual, comfortable, and neutral with gold accents.

WCW:Do you have any tips for style when relying on transit?
LT:Comfortable shoes! Comfortable shoes will never let you down. I usually wear flats or boots, but if I do wear heels, I lean towards a chunkier heel. My philosophy about shoes is this: They either need to be comfortable enough for me to walk with confidence, or I need to be able to fake confidence. Nobody looks cute when they’re limping–even if they are wearing cute shoes.


WCW: How do you stay stylish in Chicago winter weather?
LT:Invest in patterned or colorful scarves and belted coats. The scarves give your outfit a pop of color even if you’re wearing a big coat. Also, belted coats define your waistline.

WCW: Do you dress differently for work?
LT:Yes. I’m a Graphic Designer on an in-house design team. I don’t dress differently for work, because I deal with internal, not external, clients. I am most productive and creative when I’m comfortable in my own clothes. My go-to outfit is black skinny jeans, a chambray button down, black ankle boots, and some gold jewelry.


WCW:What’s your favorite accessory?
LT:This is kind of cheesy, but it’s my engagement ring. I’m still in the “newly engaged” phase of my engagement and I still get caught off guard by the sparkle on my hand. I’ve never been one for diamonds or gems, so it’s the only sparkly piece of jewelry I own and I love it.

WCW:If I peeked in your closet, what brands or designs would I see repeat?
LT:A ton of neutrals, blacks, whites, chambray, LOFT jeans, and the occasional pop of color.

Visit Lindsey via blog for easy recipes, sweet treats, and a pinch of DIY.

With LOVE,



Disclaimer:All photos used in this post are property of Butter & Type.



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