Wonder Woman: Stylista Fitness


I’m so excited for this weeks Wonder Woman! I came across her beautiful feed on Instagram, and instantly fell in love with her balance of fashion and fitness. Without further ado, please allow me to introduce you to Melissa Valmonte, the blogger behind Stylista Fitness. She dedicates her days to Donor Network of Arizona, a federally funded organ procurement organization as a Donor Program Coordinator.

  • stylistafitnessblogHow did you choose the name for your blog? I had a really OLD blog called Styleezta. I wanted to keep Stylista but add in my new found love Fitness to the end! And TA-DA, Stylista Fitness
  • What do you enjoy most about blogging? I love that I can be use my creativity through fashion and help others through fitness and health advice.
  • What’s your educational and professional background? I have a Master’s in Forensic Anthropology. I currently work for a non-profit organization called Donor Network of Arizona.melissavalmonte
  • We’re all glued to something! What can’t you live without? My dog Mishka.
  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? It’s never bad as it seems.
  • How do you unwind? cuddle with my pup while watching netflix
  • ClothesMinded-PhoenixBoutiqueDescribe your best practices for organization and balance. It is vital to keep a TO DO list an prioritize each task by order of urgency.
  • What’s the last book you read? Woman Code by Alisa Vitti
  • List 5 random facts about yourself. 1. lived in Japan 2. have a tattoo 3. hate kiwi 4.love snakes 5. speak 4 languages
  • What are you favorite apps? Looksee, Fotogramme
    View More: http://jessicaraephotos.pass.us/stylistafitness
  • Has blogging changed your life? If so, how? Yes, I have met some great people and made some great friendships. I have also made extra income which is a plus.
  • What websites do you recommend or entrepreneurs? Chalenejohnson.com and Marieforleo.com
  • Tell us about your favorite vacation or adventure. I went to Thailand during the 2004 tsunami. On the plane ride there, I was debating on going to Phuket. But decided on Ko Samui instead. Close call to tragedy!
  • littleblackdressList favorite places to shop online & in store. Etsy, Asos, Missguided, Shopbop,Nordstrom
  • What advice would you give some one who is thinking of starting a blog? Just DO it! I hesitated for a year because I was worried that I wasn’t going to be good enough. You have to start somewhere!
  • Where are you from originally and where do you live now? Los Angeles, Now in Phoenix.


Connect with Melissa via blog, instagram, facebook, and twitter.windycitywardrobelogoAs always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

With LOVE,



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