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I’m so excited about this week’s wonder woman! If you missed what this series is all about click here for an update.

wonder woman


With out further ado, I give you our Wonder Woman of the week, JJ Berman. She earned a bachelor’s degree in finance as well as a master’s degree in urban planning & economics. She spends her time traveling, freelance writing and blogging at Urbane Nomad.


Photo Credit: Chelsea Bliefernicht

  • How did you choose the name for your blog or business? While studying for the GRE, I came across the word urbane, which turned out to be my favorite and probably one of the very few I still remember.  As someone born and raised in a large city, I have always been drawn to a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. I am also fascinated by nomadic and gypsy cultures. Hence, urbane nomad was born.
  • What makes your blog unique?My point of view. I’m slightly sarcastic and provide tips based on my POV, which is focused on value. I choose my trips and restaurants based on a laidback luxury lifestyle. I am more concerned about spending within my budget and getting my money’s worth.
  • What’s your dream job?My dream job would be a food and travel writer. I am a fan of exploring new experiences in search of the best of the best and sharing what I’ve come across.  Learning about new cultures, new flavors, and experiencing beautiful is what I live for.
  • What inspired you to blog? After I finished my 96 page long thesis in the spring of 2014, I wanted to write about things that were fun and share the travel tips I give my friends and eventually a larger audience.
  • Everyone has bad habits, what’s yours? Hmm… where do I begin? I am an impatient person. I like to see immediate results. There is a laundry list of others, but I will leave it at impatient.
  • Do you blog full time? If not, describe your day job. I am a freelance writer, so I write travel and food blog posts for other companies. They range from restaurant reviews, packing lists, to more in depth food trend articles.
  • What do you find most difficult about blogging? Being consistent and gaining a following. As a food and travel blogger, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish myself among the vast amount of others. Also, motivating myself to finish my posts. I get so excited to start each most, but many times forget about posts until I check out my drafts section.
  • Tell us about your favorite vacation or adventure. This might be the most difficult question. I would have to say my 7 month trip before I started grad school. I traveled alone. First stop was India, where I explored all over the country solo and just experienced the most interesting colors and flavors. After 2 months of traveling, I volunteered at a school for children of migrant workers. Then, I went to the Philippines to visit family. It was just as nice to see my grandmother who is the strongest woman I know and the person who had inspired me to travel. I ended the trip with an internship researching microfinance while in The Hague, Netherlands. While interning, I was lucky enough to meet really friendly and genuinely caring people who I ended up traveling to Italy to visit. I can’t even describe into words how amazing Italy was.
  • What is your greatest personal achievement? Starting to blog and chase after my dream. It was really difficult for me to break the cycle of working for financial reasons and others’ expectations.
  • What advice would you give to someone who wants to start blogging? Start sooner rather than later and experiment.
  • Who are your biggest supporters? My friends for sure, especially those who asked me for travel and food tips. I’ve also noticed great support from other food and travel bloggers on Twitter.
  • What achievement are you most proud of in your personal life? I’m most proud of not living for anyone but myself. I tended to lack confidence in going for what I wanted and so did things to please others. It wasn’t the worse thing in the world, but I am so happier with who I am now and so more excited to see where I am going.


Connect with JJ via blog, twitter, instagram, facebook, and pinterest. Not sure where to start? Click here to check out JJ’s favorite post.


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  1. What an inspiration and I love her style!!!

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  2. Cheyanne says:

    This is a really cool feature!

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