What’s a girl to do when she falls in love with sunnies worth a car payment or two? We could whip out a credit card or find a dupe, but this time I opted for a subscription to DITTO. I give them $24 a month in exchange for #endlesseyewear. What do you think? I can switch as often as I want and they arrive with a prepaid shipping label. Aca-Awesome! Plus I all of there products can be tried on virtually so you’ll be sure they wouldn’t disappoint. I love the feel and look of these plus this color combination is just in time for the fall foliage.  My swap just arrived so stay tunned.20151019_175255

Jacket:Cato’s|T-Shirt:Target|Denim:F21|Boots:Not Rated|Clutch:F21|Necklace:Stella & Dot


Sunnies:Paul Smith

20151019_175416-1-1As always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!




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  1. Looooove the sunnies! 😻😻😻xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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    1. Dāsha says:

      Thanks Annie,so glad I found DITTO!

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  2. Michelle says:

    Super cute! You found something at my favorite store too!

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    1. Dāsha says:

      Sure did, told you I saw some cute stuff,but didn’t know your!


  3. Cheyanne says:

    Interesting………………….are they prescription? Also, super cute!

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    1. Dāsha says:

      Nope, I’m fortunate enough to have 20/20. However, DITTO offers prescription & non prescription glasses. $24 for non prescription, $29 for thin lens prescription and $39 for ultra thin prescription.


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