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Friday’s are always exciting but the icing on the cake is giving you an exclusive behind the scenes interview with real life supershero. If you missed what this wonder woman series is all about, click here to read what this series is all about.

wonder woman
 Without further ado, I give you our Wonder Woman of the week, Ginny! She has her hands full balancing faith, marriage, motherhood, teaching, and blogging, but she does it all Clothed With Grace.
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  • How did you chose the name for your blog? 
I started my blog about two and a half years ago with a different name, but this last spring it didn’t seem to fit me anymore. Although I primarily show fashion and lifestyle posts, I’m most importantly a Christian and my faith is very important to me, so I like the idea Clothed with Grace, because no matter what I’m wearing, I’m most importantly clothed with Grace by a loving God.
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  • How do you stay organized and achieve balance?
Finding balance with a hobby like blogging is important. I’m first a wife, mother, and teacher, then a blogger. I love this hobby, but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t take me away from the big stuff. I tend to post four times a week and spend about a half hour on Saturday mornings taking outfit pictures for the following week, then use my son’s rest time to write and create the posts on Saturday and Sunday. I also like to keep a list of running post ideas. I usually do 2-3 style post a week, then reserve the other 1-2 for other ideas, like book reviewslife lately posts,  important topic posts, or other posts that I think will be interesting.
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  • Where do you shop most often?
I’m all about affordable fashion, so I tend to shop at Target, Old Navy, and Loft and J.Crew factory when (when they run their 50% sales). Online, I love thredUP, I’ve found a lot of great clothes there in like new condition for just a fraction of the original retail price.
  • What is your greatest personal achievement?
This probably sounds sappy, but I’d have to say being a mom. It is the hardest and most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had. We have our second child on the way, and I just can’t wait to meet this new little person and give my son a sibling too!
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  • How has your blog changed your life?
I think this is a really interesting question. When I started my blog I was in a huge clothing rut and the world of blogging was totally new to me, I’d also never been on Pinterest. I got a lot of inspiration from this new “world,” and learned how to better mix up my wardrobe and wear things multiple ways, one thing I really hadn’t done before. If I’m being honest though, I had a really hard time not making my blog the most important thing for quite awhile. I’d dress for the blog, shop for the blog, and want to impress my small group of readers on the Internet. Then, about a year ago I began to realize the problem this was. The people outside the computer are the people who really mattered the most to me. My focus changed and shifted, I still love to dress in a way that makes me feel good, but I don’t buy or dress for the blog anymore. So, to answer the question, I think initially this space really helped my self-esteem, but then made me realize what really matters.
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