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 Happy Friday Fashionista’s!

I’m so excited about this week’s wonder woman! If you missed what this series is all about click here for an update. Sarah & Catherine Satrun


 With out further ado, I give you our Wonder Woman of the week, Paige Mariah! She graduated from Hampton University with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing in May of 2014. She’s currently the marketing coordinator at an amazing non profit, One Hope United, that focuses on protecting children and strengthening families. Paige Mariah is also a fellow lifestyle blogger & this week she is celebrating her 23rd birthday.


Let us all give her a warm welcome!

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How did you choose the name for your blog?

I went through a period where I was really struggling to find a blog name that fit my content and best represented me. Then it came to me!  At Hampton University, it was normal for new people you meet to already know you by your social media handle name. Some would right away ask, “Are you Paige Mariah?” You can find me on every social media outlet as my first and middle name, @paige_mariah, so keeping this theme with my lifeSTYLE diary just felt right! Here’s a link to my favorite post so far…http://www.paigemariah.com/2015/05/feelin-thrifty.html

When or how did you become aware of your entrepreneurial spirit?

I’ve always had such respect for entrepreneurs. I believe that it takes true bravery to take your career and income into your own hands. I started to discover my own entrepreneurial spirit my senior year of college. I’ve been a dedicated thrifter for a little over 5 years now and because I’m never one to turn down a deal, I’ll have to admit that my closet was completely overflowing. It was almost graduation time and my parents let me know that whatever clothes could fit in suitcases to take on the plane were the only ones coming home. I knew that I needed to let go of a lot of things and that’s when I got the idea to start my own closet thrift store. I’d always gotten a lot of questions about my style and where I found my clothes, so I felt like this little store could really work!  I immediately set up an online storefront that offered shipping to people outside of Virginia and also set up shop right in the living room of my apartment using a clothing rack that I usually kept in my room. I started promoting it on social media and through my style blog. Before I knew it, I was shipping out orders and had girls from my university shopping right out of my apartment. I now run my closet store right from Instagram at @feelinthrifty. Who knew what could come from a little spring cleaning!

Describe your best practices for organization and balance.

I am an avid list maker. Somehow, writing down or typing up my todo list and checking things off one by one brings me so much peace. My mother has always reminded me that “Procrastination is not your friend”, so I try to get things marked off my todo list as soon as they come. I also don’t know where I would be without my calendar and reminder apps on my iPhone! My professional and personal life are both very important to me and it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. Having an organized balance of the both works best for me.

Name your favorite place to shop online and in store.

I love shopping at thrift stores and vintage shops! I’ll even stop at an occasional garage sale or flea market in passing. People give up the best stuff! I’d like to think that thrift stores are filled with a bunch of little hidden treasures. If you’re patient enough to look, you never know what jewels you may find! However, one thing that I definitely don’t mind spending retail on is shoes. A favorite online store of mine is ASOS.com.

Name one item you can’t live without.

This will probably sound terrible- but my cell phone! People like to joke and say that it must be velcroed to my hand. I’m always snap chatting, tweeting, instagramming, etc. I also probably respond to text messages faster than anyone you know.

What are your goals for 2015?

I can’t believe we’re already almost halfway through with 2015! One of my main goals for this year was to work very hard while building a solid foundation for the beginning of my career and to devote more time into one of my favorite hobbies, blogging. After almost 6 months, I am pleased but I always feel like there is so much more to be done!

Who are your biggest supporters?

My number one cheerleader has always been my mother. My parents were so nervous when I first told them at the end of my senior year of high school that I wanted to go into communications, majoring in public relations instead of psychology. However, from my first internship with Seventeen Magazine, to now having a career as a Marketing Coordinator, my Mom has never stopped believing in me and my dreams. She is always motivating (even asking “Did you write that blog post yet?”) and willing to listen to me as I talk out my ideas. I couldn’t be more appreciative of her dedication to my success/passions and I love her very much!

Favorite quote“May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me.”

-Tracee Ellis Ross

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  1. M.G. Guyton says:

    I’m loving this series! This was a great read. Kudos to Paige Mariah on her accomplishments, dedication, and sharing an awesome quote.


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  2. V says:

    Happy Friday! What a great read

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    1. Dāsha says:

      Thank you 😃 That means so much to me!


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