Word Of The Week:Exposure



Hello my fellow fashionista’s! I’ve missed you so much this past weekend, it feels good to be back. Let’s jump into this weeks word, EXPOSURE.

Exposure is defined as…the condition of being affected by something or experiencing something

DSCN1236In the past 30 days I’ve attended 4 conferences in 3 states. Two were for my day job and the other for my blog. It’s exposed me to new concepts, collaborative opportunities, changes in local politics, and the everchanging Medicare and Medicaid rules. Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people and became better acquainted with the landscape of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. After a long day of learning and networking I decided to throw on my new skater dress and join my co-workers for dinner at The Yard House. The food was absolutely exsquisite and to top it off we headed to the circle centre mall and enjoyed godiva for desert. My wife and I ended the day with a little accessory shopping spree.


We expose ourselves to new people, places and ideas each day. It’s something so essential yet we rarely stop and appreciate it. That is why I decided to pause and share my recent experience with you all.

What have you been affected by or experienced lately?



“When in doubt, wear red.”

-Bill Blass



Tribal Necklace:Here|Textured Skater Dress:Here|Colorblock Clutch:Here|Tribal Sandals:Old

As always thank you for reading, commenting, and liking!

With Love,


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  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    That is such a beautiful color on you!! 🙂

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