Nerd In Disguise


I often get accused by family as being a nerd in disguise and I’m starting to believe it’s true. The first day of my freshman year I decided I’d be valedictorian and four years later I was. I wasn’t particularly good at sports and I spent my spring breaks doing volunteer work. And no it wasn’t a school requirement or court ordered. I never go anywhere without a book and I have a pull list at my local comic book store. The radio in my car is set on NPR, and I’ll take a good documentary over reality TV any day. Recently, an allergy and asthma specialist confirmed my suspicions of being allergic to well…almost everything. Good thing I have a hypo-allergenic dog. Fortunately, I have 20/20 vision so no glasses for me and my dad passed down his fashion sense. So, I may be a nerd but I don’t have to look like one!

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